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Originally Posted by JackRydden224 View Post
And I imagine that it would be the same for a favorite pairing poll?
Probably, as long as season 2 doesn't end up like season 1 in terms of romance (or more accurately, the lack thereof).

Originally Posted by Slick_rick View Post
Call me skeptical but since this "standard procedure" was not followed at all during the 1st season I think it best to create one now. In 10 weeks I'm doubtful anyone will remember to suggest to make one, I'm certain I won't.
It's a bit of a newer procedure, but there were two character polls for season 1: Favourite Major Gundam 00 Character (As Of Episode 06) and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (first season) - Favorite Character(s) Poll. The new spacing is to allow some time for more characters to be introduced, and to discuss where the characters ended up.
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