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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
I didn't see Full Metal Alchemist (the first version which is complete and finished) on your list, watch at least the first three episodes before deciding if you want to continue.

Other than that...

Starblazers might be a bit too dated.

No idea what you would make of Chrono Crusade

Cross Game is still airing, but might interest you as it is calmer and more low key.

Afraid that's all I can think of.
Seen the original FMA dubs, part of that whole "if on cartoon network, just assume that I've seen it, know about it, and don't have anything to say since it was the butchered dub". The newer series is already licensed, so would have to wait a few years to see how badly it's been butchered. Unfortunately, once I've seen something bastardized to fit with censors, or totally mistranslated, I really can't stand sitting through the series again just for those few gems that were removed.

Think I started starblazers awhile ago, was a bit too dated, only saw enough to where I was confident that I could get most of the parody references to it from other series.

Cross Game looks a bit too sports/"going nowhere" romance for my tastes.

Might look at the other suggestions a bit. Anything else I might be missing out on?

*edit* Eden of the East is only in high resolution format, which means that I can't watch it without stuttering, pausing, sync issues that prevents me from watching it more than 1-5 minutes at a time... Knew there was some reason why I didn't try it yet.

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