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what? Michael defeated Luchifer? brother? But then again I heard their should be 4 corners that represents something like destruction in the revelations part of the bible.

And sorry my mistake about gabriel but Gabriel is the one the visited maria right? Announcing that she become a holy mother or something bearing the son of god? So I'm picturing a connection here... look Gabriel then Misha goes pregnant. (and its not touma's fault or is it his fault? due to his father .......WAIT ITS ALL HIS FAULT!!!! ( the guy should be the father ) )

holy mother holy mother.
So Gabriel can be represented by Aqua and the right can be represented by Fianna. then theirs terra of the left and vent of front.

About demon the demon that is Index. remember styl he said that if index can use magic and utilize the diabolism books inside her then she should be on the same level as a demon lord or god.
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