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Fend is an overstatement. Kaori's fight against Gabriel is terribelly onesided, blocking water wings alone had exhausted her, she is like a child in front of an actual angel.

Sasha is having this weird condition with Telesma. It is making shivering from tiem to time or having allergic reaction to magic energy. We know it is a side effect by having Gabriel enertign her body, but then it s not uncommon for mgacians to envoke the powres of the angels into their own body, so they have no idea why Sasha is having these reactions. Perhaps the Telesma remained inside her body is simply too large?
Though, I shall seriosuly freak out if it is Sasha's womb that Fianma is after.

Misha is the name Gabriel used when inside Sasha's body. To angels, name is very important, so Gabriel alter the name base on the circustances when she falled.

And yes, Gabriel is the one that told Maria about her pregnancy, also why Aqua has Gabriel as his element.
Usually, it is impossible to be a saint and a God's Right Seat at the same time, the power well only becoem toos trong and too unstable and lead to self destruction. Aqua is the very special case that can do both due to his body resmeble both Christ and the Virgin. A saint's power is naturally unstable, but by using the power of Mary's Mercy, such power can be stablized. So Aqua using Gabriel's element to expand and stablize the power of the Virgin and from there derives the Mercy of Mary, and then use that to stablize the power the power of the Christ. As the result, he can optimize his power as a saint without any restrain.

As for Lucifer, he was mentioned once. Angels are just bunch of puppets that follow the order of the god. But Lucifer's control system for some reason malfunctioned and acted against god's order, and the malfunction epxands across the ssytem and curropted 1/3 of the angels.

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