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Peace under the sword, particularly Charles' sword, isn't peace, it's tyranny. Lelouch was the same, only intentionally so and he removed himself from power.
You misunderstand.

I said Britannia had the potential to do good, it just needed someone in charge that had the ability to do it.

Which serves to reinforce the point. Britannia was a terribly racist, aggressively expansionist country. To claim that they were in any way better (except militarily) than either power is just deluded.
No one is, I'm just pointing out that they all had their bad points while the other one has little knowledge to derive from

Though I question Britannia prior to Charles because as one UFN pointed out, she said that should puts all blame on "Charles" and not Britannia itself. And as Schenizeil found out, the real reason behind Charles' aggressive expanionist policy was to aquire those ruins which makes me wonder what Britannia in general would've been before.
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