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Damn, missed political engagement, again. Too bad.

I think Of this:

Lelouch was 'immature' during the start of the series, but he eventually started looking at the bigger picture, not just the part with Nunnally in it. Though he couldn't help find himself back at her, thats probably because thats where all his ideals originally came from.

I can't say he is a bad person, just a good brother -- and a machinator.

I like Lelou probably because of his tragedies, no greater hero then a tragic one in my opinion.

(I'm keeping it vague and light as possible, just for those that haven't watched the entirety of it yet.)

Beyond everything else, I think Lelouch examplifies a person at their best and worse.

If I had to stick a quote on him, it would be "Hell is paved with good intentions."
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