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If i were Haruto i personally could not be around Kazma nor could i be friends with him for a while. I would need some space to gather my thoughts and sort through this mess. Im hoping to see some deep reflection on Harutos part. I dont mean self loathing or emo i means serious thinking about where he wants to go from here. Going home is not an option right now hes going to have to make the best of what hes got.
I agree Sinestra, this is what I want to see. Besides women don't like men who pine after them. Women like men who have their shit together. Unfortunately Haruto just doesn't have that at the moment. He needs to grow up, and act more decisive and manly. Haruto can't be pushover forever. I want Haruto to stand up for himself and get some self respect. I will let the manga sit on the shelf for a couple months to see if Haruto outlook changes.
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