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Originally Posted by Suzuku View Post
Why the hell is everyone so mad at Eba? It's the most obvious thing in the world that she is doing this because she feels sorry for the guy. :/
Hence the hate, she broke off her realationship with Haruto in such a manner that would garner dislike from alot of people and also not fair on Kazuma also cause she's doing it cause she feels sorry for him or out of pity.
Well I guess some guys may be ok with such thing, since they would probably be content to just get "some" but I don't see that being the case here.

If I was Haurto I would have just went
"Oh hey Eba, what you doing here? ehh Kazuma is boyfriend?!
He's a great guy, you better keep a hold of him"
Oh yea Kazuma, Eba was the girl I was talking about, she dumped me to go out with a guy that confessed to her, that dumped her back in middle school and cause she feels sorry for him, who would have thought it was you!"
"Oh Eba you should have said so back when I came to see you, would have saved me alot of trouble moving here...oh well guess I'll go back and have some hawt sex with Onee-chan, later"(I really have no idea why I'm so after that pairing)

Well guess this way is probably the more interesting route altho would be pretty interesting also to see Haruto to go off the deep end
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