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IMO it's obvious that Eba truly loves Kazama. Not out of pity - she loves him because he is someone dear to her. Eba does not love Haruto. I never believed that Eba loves Haruto, but because I'm not her fan and because she is female protagonist of shounen romance (and by "rules" of shounen romance she is bound to love male protagonist) I was thinking that I'm wrong, and she might love Haruto.
Haruto was her saviour. A guy from her dreams, the only person who cares about her when everybody (her family) abandoned her. She was in love with hero, someone who could protect her. Haruto has a hero complex so he gladly became her knight in shining armour. As soon as her relation with family improved a hero was no longer needed. So her "love" for a hero disappeared.
I don't think she deliberately lied about her love for Haruto, she deceived herself as well as other. Now she is truthful to herself and she is devoting herself for her true love - Kazama.

BTW - I don't remember Rin ever lying. All her actions and words are implying that Eba was going out with Kazama, while, technically, she still was Haruto GF. Eba was cheating on Kazama almost as soon as she was out of his sight. I know it's not a NTR manga, cause there is no sexual intercourse, but IMO it's as close to NTR as sounen romance could be (please lets' not talk about GE).
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