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Originally Posted by Achiuakuna View Post
I'm doing the same thing. Marder 38T is really a cute little TD. Very forgiving due to the convenient gun arcs, horizontally and vertically.
I think the only Tier 4 TD that has no particular advantages is the Somua S40; everything else either has good view range and at least one good gun choice and speed, or is a Hetzer.

Originally Posted by RWBladewing View Post
Yeah... I am also really amused by how our Pz. I C did exactly 1 damage and had 1 kill.

Yeah that's pretty bad. Less overall damage but one of them managed a kill at least. (I assume the second guy dead on your team drove into the water?)
I don't recall specifically, but since it was Province, it definitely drove off of something.

1 damage, 1 kill is barely a ram, more like a traffic accident.
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