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Originally Posted by TheFluff View Post
I've started carrying a few HE rounds in many of my tanks just because of the annoying mass of WT's milling around haplessly at every tier. Feels pretty good to oneshot toasters.

Team battles are exactly like tournament play. If you have a premade team it's great and the income is really good as well (as long as you win; if you lose you get jack shit). If you can't get a coordinated team (voice comms not optional) you shouldn't even bother getting out of bed though. The optimal tryhard lineup is probably two AMX 50 100's, three IS-3's and two T1 Cunninghams, but really, most teams are pretty terrible and you can usually win easily even with one or two tier 7's on your team.
I'm having more success with team battles so far compared to the tank companies because you don't have to wait forever for the team to fill up and since there's less people involved it's easier to coordinate. Still need comms though, otherwise you will likely lose.
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