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Originally Posted by Achiuakuna View Post
Or just HP.

I start to value HP much more than armor these days. RNG is never my best friend and the tanks people consider heavily armored get penned every time when I drive them, and this is with angling and everything. Shots that can barely make it with max RNG always makes it and it's sickening. Only having a high HP pays off in the long run. I'd rather take a 2000 HP loltraktor than the regular Tiger II.
I've been feeling this way myself lately though I've just chalked it up to every team I am against (or on) being 50-75% TDs. I must be doing something horribly wrong with the T1 Heavy though. I keep seeing people lauding that thing's incredible frontal armor but I seem to get turned into swiss cheese by even Marder IIs from the front.
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