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This was one of the first anime series I ever watched, back in the days of realvideo fansubs and dialup connections, a girl called Jo-chan was serialising it via ftp. Unfortunately I never got eps. 23-26, and the new wave of fansubs hasn’t reached that point yet. I much prefer the second opening theme (Dounika, Kounika — Somehow, Someway), it’s much more poignant and reflects the increasing desperation and sadness of the story as it enters its final phase. I don’t want to spoil it for people who are stuck at ep.19, but the series really goes out with an incredible finale , every bit as powerful as the better known ending to the first Sailor Moon series. The penultimate episode is the sort where you think things can’t get any worse—and then they do.

I tend to agree with those who used to say that Nurse Angel Ririka was like Sailor Moon, only better—certainly in respect of the 1st Sailor Moon series anyhow. Although a much younger character, Ririka is more interesting due to her sardonic nature (especially evident in the chemistry between her and Seiya), and more realistic motivations given her age, e.g. at first she’s really only doing the nurse angel stuff to please Kanon, whom she has a crush on, and doesn’t realise how serious the situation is until it’s too late.

Having said all that, the magical attacks were really cringeworthy, every bit as stupid as in Sailor Moon: "Angel Aid Bomb Beam" v. "Star Gentle Uterus"— the idea of a nurse curing enemies with a beam weapon... well....

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