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Thank you Sandhy!

Originally Posted by ImperialFlameGod8190 View Post
sandhy u did well but you shouldnt succumb to pressure from others and i know that these guys are just impatient fools but they should be able to respect that sometimes we cant have what we want as quickly as we want it u have my support and i know that sometimes people need to wait for translations especially when there arent many of them
While i agree with you.
Instead of telling them its OK, we should praise.

They already know if they dont want to do it, then they wont.
However, when we praise, they feel good, and rewarded.

So PRAISE, and MORE PRAISE!. and give add to her rep while ur at it if u enjoyed the spoiler.
You can give people Rep on this forum, and if someone did a good job, Give them REP!
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