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Infuriating is like the flow of qi or energy. Everthing in the world has it, and for living thing has it's own infuriating that identify them.

For world tranfer ability that Akatsuki has, more or less that like instant teleport of goku. But instead using qi to identify their destination like goku, Akatsuki Imagine the scenery of their destination. So he can teleport to the place that he already know.
Can this ability move between worlds? Is that how Akatsuki returns to Alezard? Cause I heard that dimensional transfer is one way and there was no way for a hero to return to the other world after they return to their own? And if you stay in another world for more than 5 years, does it become impossible to return?

By the way, does anyone know where I can watch the Queens Blade crossover with english subs?

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