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KyoAni probably put it there so that people like you can slow it down, pick it apart frame by frame, and realise that Tomoyo was there all along and was literally moving too fast for the human eye to see, so that people like you can praise their animation prowess further.

Nevertheless, that was a seriously nice catch. If you don't mind, may I use them in a blog post I plan on doing such that I can point out KyoAni's animation prowess to the skeptics further? (of course, I'll need them to be somewhat bigger than what you have right now.....nothing above 500 pixels' width)
Er... no offense, but why are detailed cell frames and high frame rates being used solely as the caliber of animation prowess judgment here? Even skeptics cannot deny that if that's the sole judge, but the question here is using the animation prowess as a whole along with its storyboarding and sakkans of their key animators and such, right?

I suppose it depends on personal perception overall.
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