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Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Is it related to the airing date of the show or the number of posts in the section ?
It's a combination of when a series was last aired (note: not when the series started but when it ended) and the level of activity in the sub-forum.

My personal preference would be to use the air date of the last episode and retire forums once this has past the 3 year mark but this isn't the only criteria we will use.

At this point in time the six series that will be moved had finished over 3 years ago (except for Monster which finished about 2 years and 8 months go).

Last air dates
10.06.04 Chrno Crusade
18.06.04 KonoMini
27.06.04 Midori no Hibi
02.10.04 Fullmetal Alchemist
01.04.05 Air
28.09.05 Monster

There are going to be some exceptions to this, FMP is rather active due to the novel releases for the moment so it may not be moved after 3 years (it would be due since it last aired on 20.10.05).

AMG last aired on 25.07.06 and last time I checked (on 25.04.08) had 145 posts in the previous 100 days.
Monster on the other hand only had 25 posts between 01.01.08 and 29.04.06
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