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Originally Posted by Sherringford View Post
Van Dine's works are available in free pdfs(legally) so if you want those, they are easy to find. They are also very cheap on kindle if you got one of those, all 12 novels for 7 or 8 dollars.
How do the Van Dine novels go after the first one? (Benson Murder Case) ... I really didn't like the first one except for the first chapter when I solved the mystery... And I wouldn't have minded the rest except it ... umm.. spoilers:

Spoiler for Van Dine's The Benson Murder Case:

Now, this was his first novel ever, so, I figure it would take him a few to get good... Does the writing get better? And the mystery?

Mind you, I only solved it in the first chapter because I got loaded up with strategies from Umineko and knew exactly what I was looking for, but I don't need the mystery to be impossible to figure out to enjoy it...

For those that have read a lot of other traditional mystery novels... do any of the other mysteries do much better than this? Does Ellery Queen, for example?
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