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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
So we have a catgirl now, although who or what she exactly is doesn't seem to have any revelation yet. Well I'm not too surprised to see one in the series, since if the SSes are of any indication then we already had our first humanoid non-human being in the series. This might help figure some logic on why there's so much connection between Touma, IB and dragons...

I guess Kamachi has started unleashing the existence of mythical creatures card in the Index universe... Already. So, the story begins? Let's play.
Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post
I'm honestly really curious about who the catgirl is. At first I was thinking that sphinx transformed or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Lets take a step back people, it's more likely those are just accessories rather than the real McCoy.

We all know how Anime drawings can integrate those seamlessly...

Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Whut.....if the magic aliens are going to be a major player in the TAMNI cosmology...
Wizard Aliens have a better ring to it... Especially since that South Park episode...

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