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Originally Posted by I_am_Kami View Post
It's like everyone goes blind! In the same pic you can clearly see Sphinx in Index's arms.

Sphinx is on top of Fremea's beret.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Lets take a step back people, it's more likely those are just accessories rather than the real McCoy.

We all know how Anime drawings can integrate those seamlessly...
In order to exist a magician must summon them, to who belongs the catgirl if she really is a familiar?

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Also, which character would you like to have a design from Haimura (considering that none exists)?
Richard Brave.

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What really interests me is Kanzaki. I didn't expect her to have a big role here, and yet she does. Hey, I wonder if she meets Accel and Shiage?
Maybe? I'm interested on that stuff as well, was she launched like a missile? Wow!
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