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Dunno if it's the scan I saw or the art as is but I didn't like it this chap. All bleached out and those thin lines... Well, guess it might have to do with Kabuto's light/noise jutsu thingy, maybe in the anime it will look better if the whole cave is flooded in light ...

As for plot, not much there, I think it's a bit premature to come to conclusions about how Sasuske will handle it from here. For now I see no problem with the tagteam, Sasuske is intelligent enough to know it would be stupid to take on Kabuto alone at this point so it makes sense he teams up. I dare say I hope it's gonna take some more that "remember how we killed some stupid pig TOGETHER" to bring him back to the side of Konoha.

BTW, whatever happens between him and Itachi might not influence his attitude towards the village at all: They might well reconcile before Itachi bites it and then he still might feel it's all Konoha's fault for leading him and Itachi astray and still go on hating and act accordingly.

I'd rather think that IF he really changes, it is gonna be something that either Tobi or Madara do later that will have him reconsider...

Another small thing, I'll laugh my ass off if Kabuto's sensing ability is now limited because Sasuske took of that horn: maybe the horns are like a cat's whiskers
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