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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
people asked for Sasuke to talk more. lots of people complained that he was turned into a mindless killing machine with no dialogue. now he has dialogue. complaining persists...
On these forums, its “cool” to bash Sasuke, and complain about Kishimoto being a sexist. We're certain to read these complaints time and time again here(even if unwarranted); I don't know if it gets them rep points or what (j/k, partially). On these forums regarding Sasuke, you're certain to read a complaint about something. Anything.

Originally Posted by Justice Knight View Post
why dont sasuke and itachi just use amateratsu and burn mr snake?? I also dont understand whats going on with this chapter which is when itachi chopped his horn instead of his head =\.
If they kill Kabuto, the edo-tensei jutsu supposedly cannot be canceled.
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