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Yesterday, I watched the last episode to Fate/Zero, and the prequel's epicness reminded me of how much awesome the whole Fate Universe is that I encouraged myself to rewatch all over Fate/stay night episode by episode starting today.

The moment I rewatched the first episode to Fate/stay night, and saw Kiritsugu in that show's opening, in the first episode's prologue, and in Shiro's flashback it brought an immediate feeling of freshness in me.
I mean the ending to Fate/Zero connects right away to the starting point in Fate/stay Night.

Now, I brought for my first two initial discussion points:
1. Fate/stay Night's prologue opens with the last moments of the Fourth Holy Grail War, and we see in the shadows both Saber and Archer fighting to the death amidst a sea of flames result from the Grails' contents having been spilled over the city.
However, in Fate/Zero's last episode Saber and Archer are fighting inside the theater, and their last match is cut short when the contents of the Grail get spilt on the city.

Was that particular scene retconned in Fate Zero? or how come UFO Table omitted it?

2. When both Shirou and Illya see each other for the first time at the neighborhood during night time, at that point in Fate/stay night we all know that the two of them are absolutely ignorant, and possibly remain so after the end of Fate/stay night, that both share the same father figure in the likes of Kiritsugu.

Given the tone to which Illya subtly cautions Shirou to summon his servant as soon as possible indirectly she's threatening him, but directly she's warning him of danger.

At that point in which Shirou has yet to receive his Command Spells and becoming a Master, and absolutely ignorant about the Grail War, why Illya has the intention to kill him?
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