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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Is it wrong for me to envy Franky this chapter? Just look at where his head is...lucky bastard.
haha, but haven't they been together from the getgo? i'm sure he's been in a lot better places by now i'm not expecting or wanting romance in op but i think it's inferred that they have a relationship

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
I've been saying it for years now: The ultimate zoan user is going to end up being an Awakened cockroach zoan. Mark my words.
haha genius! its a certainty if someone has eaten the nuke nuke fruit. also, about the insects, oda has barely scratched the surface of the new world so I'm 100% positive we will get our fair share of insect powers in the coming stories

and hell yea! doflamingo being joker is the best possible scenario. i'm glad joker wasn't a new character and this just adds to doflamingo's awesomeness. i forgive him for not killing moriah even though that really should have happened...
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