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Originally Posted by shadow1296 View Post
what i dont get why did he become gleam eyes, the spell only said he'd become a giant monster not specifically gleam eyes, is its effect causes Random SAO bosses transform into or was it the first thing that the first thing that came to his head that he thought was scary because if thats the case why didn't he become the giant skull centipede from floor 75 thats much more intimidating or does the monster he becomes have to have a somewhat human shape?
Maybe it does involve having some kind of mental image. It'd be a really random thing if they just spun a roulette for any monster in the entire game. Though that doesn't mean it isn't random. As to why the Gleam Eyes, maybe it is because that humanoid shape is easier to handle. It's like the wings thing, took a while to get everything down with that. Couldn't afford to be tripping over all those legs. Plus that boss is more than intimidating enough for the job.

Is something to wonder about. If he has any control over the form and if he does was it simply the first monster that came to mind?
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