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Originally Posted by broken270 View Post
I wonder if everyone forgot that this was a graduation ceremony after that.
On the other hand, it's one hell of a graduating ceremony to remember. Not every time you go from generic 'thanks for attending, gl hf in your life' to student making a speech actually proposing. And with Junichi still in for one year, he's sure to get THE MAN reputation after that one.

Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Also, this arc made sense, with one exception. Consider this: Junichi still had 1 year of school to go. Young'uns already have issues balancing school. Well, imagine an engagement thrown on top of that?
They don't have to marry right away, as Sumeragi said. They can easily postpone marriage for when he graduates as well.

I just wish they kept all after-stories at this level. And I was disappointed they didn't show Haruka's grandfather except for that one flashback in previous ep.

And I wish they made Risa or some other extra arc instead of fanservice episode... Like, come on. We've already seen everything they are allowed to show in this regard.
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