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I'm not saying he should wait until it's cleared out I'm thinking that was a very bold decision that Kirito considering how MMOs work the next village probably has stronger mobs but they still can be handled at level 1 in my experience but that is not something I want to do right after I heard that announcement

Since Kirito said resources are limited I took his word literally for it and believe it means mobs don't respawn and that it was the reason why he rushed out immediately

If mobs do still respawn that doesn't change Kirito's fast thinking and great decision making skills and the courage to act on it but I feel it makes him a bit more reckless
It's good decision making. IF you are a Beta Tester, or a guild with a Beta Tester on it. If you are a Soler, your best bet is to get down to work, and start skilling. Don't even bother to copy what the Beta Testers did- I think many of the Second day casualties had exactly the same idea as Kirito, but was not as good with him.

Personally, I think Kirito could have afforded to wait one hour for Kline to rally his guild- not many would have moved out before the first night ended, before moving on with them. Why didn't he do that? I guess we'll have to wait and find out, because to me, your best bet is to attach yourself to an experienced Guild, hopefully with a Guild Master you know.

With the PM system though, Kirito should have dropped a message with Klein suggesting a rendezvous spot.He didn't. So is it a plot hole, or deliberate ? We'll have to wait and see, again. Maybe it's nothing, and the issue won't crop up again.
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