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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
Finding the guy responsible may or may not be the right path to resolution, which is to resolve the hostage situation with as few casualties as possible and hopefully the perp in cuffs.
In any hostage situation, one goal is to try to determine the location of the guy holding people hostage. It's good to at least have the option of storming him if negotiations fail.

He may not even exist in real life, at least not anymore. If he's a genius programmer who can create a virtual world, what better way to be God than to upload your brain and act as "admin" of the world? Wouldn't be the first time I've seen that plot type in an anime.
Even if this is true, his body is presumably somewhere. It can't hurt to locate it. Even if the guy has created tech so advanced that he's actually separated his consciousness from his body and is living in SAO (or a VR world connected to it), without needing his body to survive at all anymore, then it would be good to discover that.

It would be interesting, but a serious flaw? Nah.
"Unrealized Potential" is hardly an unusual criticism for people to voice. Simply put, the "Real World" side of this could be every bit as good as Death Note if well-executed and properly explored. This anime could be one-quarter Death Note, three quarters gripping sci-fi fantasy adventure, which is an absolutely mind-blowing combination. As is, it sounds like it'll be entirely gripping sci-fi fantasy adventure, which is still very good of course, but not quite as awesome as the obvious alternative.

And as for the "Real World" being properly addressed, well, there's still some practical questions I have. For example, how are people not dying from simple thirst and hunger (with their real world bodies)?

... And I see that Xacual addressed that. Since that's apparently a spoiler I'll wait until it's made official in the anime itself before I share my thoughts on it.
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