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So has anyone ever played an RPG in their lives WITHOUT dying?

Let alone an MMORPG
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls come to mind. The motto of both games is 'Prepare to Die', as by dying, you'd get a little more knowledge, which would allow you to progress that little bit further. Every time you die, you're sent to the beginning of an area, you lose all the 'souls' (used to level up and upgrade equipment) you gathered, and everything is reset. Monsters, and especially bosses, are capable of one-hitting you. You could summon other players (their names weren't given) to help you clear an area. However, you were unable to leave the lair of a boss after you entered it. It's about hardcore as RPGs get, there's a lot more to these games, but if I were to explain any more, I have a feeling that some would probably think I'm here to promote the games.

These two games came to mind whilst I was reading the light novels, and having remembered my own fear of having to lose something by dying (while also ironically gaining something), I found it fairly easy to empathize with the 10,000 players stuck in SAO.

I'd be lying if I said if I managed to beat either without dying, but I did managed to beat the latter of the two games with as little as 8 deaths. Experience (gotten by playing the first game and many other Action-orientated RPGs), patience, tactics, and a little bit of skill are what helped me survive. I'm pretty sure nobody managed to complete the game without dying once on their first playthrough, which just goes to show how difficult is it to clear something like SAO, where one's life is at stake.

So, I imagine the majority of 10,000 (now 8,000) players wouldn't be capable for clearing floors; only the more experienced, veterans (the beta players, essentially), and the fearless and talented (also known as the somewhat, if not completely, crazy) would be the only ones capable for it.

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Nothing to say much.

They just introduce 1 MC and I saw lots more girl in the OP. (they're all the main cast right?)
Some more than others, but yes, they are.

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Could someone tell me what chapter this episode covered?
Spoiler for just in case:
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