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Just in case people wanted some actual information on this series...

This is a two episode OVA, released in 1998. As far as I know, it was released only on VHS and LD - we used the LDs.

The story focuses on Touno Hikari, who has just come to this robot training camp in order to get the license she needs for the rest of her classes. We start the story on her third day, where it's a surprise Hikari hasn't managed to destroy the entire campus yet. ^^;

Of course, there are several things about it that don't add up, like why the campus is so huge and yet has so few students, or why Hikari is given so many chances when she has proven how much of a liability she is.

Without spoiling it, I don't really care to say much more, but this is somewhat of a character drama with mecha involved. ^^; It does have a great opening though, so you should check it out!

We worked hard to bring this out today, and hope people enjoy it!
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