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This was a great episode. Minami is a great character, and really like her personaity.

Anyway, why does Kyou keep comparing her to an old lady? I don't really catch much sign of it. This episode showed that the grandparents live with her in the house, but what are some ba-chan traits she seems to exhibit that makes him always mention it?

Spoiler for episode 6 comments:

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Here's what really struck me: just how much more appreciated Kyousuke is in the Tamura home than his own. I think that was intentional - where he's barely noticed at home, he's the constant center of attention (and affection) at the Tamura's. You can even see how uncomfortable this makes him at times - he's so used to his anonymous persona at home that being shown affection is unnatural. But you can also see how at home he feels there - fully participating in the teasing and back and forth of her oddball clan.

Is he really clueless about Manami's affection, and is it reciprocated? Too early to say. His comments to his classmate aside, he may very honestly view Manami as no more than a close friend (and I'm rooting for Saori, though it's a Quixotic hope). But there could be more to his banter with her, too. As for Kirino, yes, we certainly see that she's jealous that he decided to spend the night. That's a selfish emotion but it at least shows some sort of interest in Kyousuke.

Much needed backstory for Kyou. He's the much more sympathetic of the two leads and it was necessary to show him in an environment where his every action wasn't a response to something Kirino was saying or doing.
hm, I think you might be looking a bit too deep about that. Sure, the dad is a little stoic and traditonal, but the mom seems alrite.

Also Kyou is a guest at their house, and therefore, they treat him very well as the hosts. My parents act very welcoming when my friends visit, almost to a point where my friends are annoyed at how many times they offer drink or snacks to them.

He's also a close childhood friend of their granddaughter. And you know grandparents tend to dot on their grandchildren and such like that, so that extends to Kyou.

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