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That's one way of looking at it. I don't see it that way though. It may be painful, but that was the truth of what really happened on Oct 4th and 5th. Out of all the infinite possibilities, it was *the one that actually happened*.
Says who? It's not even confirmed in red.

I agree with everyone in here that says that Bern is pulling a fast one on the crew with the tea party. The thing is, how is she doing it? She's stated that she isn't the game master, but what if she is? Would doing things that aren't possible with the pieces end up with her falling into a logic error? I really hope this is the case to have a sense of satisfaction in locking her up in one in EP8!
Excuse me, but Bernkastel was acknowledged as the Gamemaster for EP7, but then later she says, "I haven't even done any real Gamemastering, just leading a funeral."

Meaning that even though she was Gamemaster, she does not feel she got to fulfill that duty to her own satisfaction, and thus didn't acknowledge herself as Gamemaster.

She never said it in Red, afterall.

It's a win-win situation. Even if Rudolf dies, she's free from him and can live her life how she wants to.
Except Kyrie loves Rudolf and compares to life without him as a hell that will never be escaped until she dies.

So basically, either this is false, or everything we've been shown is a baseless lie, meaning that we were never given the clues to come to this conclusion, meaning Ryukishi is a bad writer.

I'll go with the answer that doesn't mean that Ryukishi can't write.

Also, the original Red line was better read as A Happy Ending Will Not Be Given. So there you go.
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