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I've been thinking about the concept that Shannon is a split personality and imaginary friend of Yasu, and I think it might be the other way around: Shannon is the real person, and Yasu is the imaginary personality she came up with.

The popular idea is that Shannon represents the imaginary ideal servant, who Yasu created so that he could look up to her. But if she had problems with insecurity, it might make more sense to imagine a worse servant who looks up to her, than a better servant they can look up to. People deal with insecurity by feeling better than others, not worse than others. And if Shannon was bullied, she might have created the imaginary Yasu to be bullied in her place, displacing all of her pain onto another person so it's "not happening to her."

After Yasu became a witch, Shannon was left as a human. But it makes more sense for the real person Shannon to continue as the real person Shannon, than for the real person Yasu to walk up to Natsuhi and say, "My name is Shannon. You say my name is Yasu? I've never heard of anyone named that..." and continue without any problems.

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Wait.. wait wait wait..

Spoiler for world of episode 7:
It's never said whether or not the bomb actually goes off in that world.
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