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The thing is that whole theater-going scene with Yasu can't be an objective truth of what happened. It's how Shannon/Yasu experienced it subjectively. Because it shows actual witches, magical trips to Golden Lands, and other fantastical things, it clearly has much of Shannon/Yasu's own delusions mixed in.
Yes, but those delusions are paper-thin in what they mean; they're to demonstrate that Will understands her, not obfuscate the details. The fact of the matter is that until the first "world modification", Shannon is never meaningfully acknowledged by anyone except Yasu, and she just sort of exists in the backround to give Yasu encouragement whenever she needs it. That, and people talk to Yasu when Shannon isn't there.

So the idea is crap, get over it.

Another example of how theater-going reveals people subjective experiences, and not objective reality, is that flash of a red scene in which someone says Kinzo came up with the idea of stealing the gold. It's quite possible that Kinzo first wanted to steal the gold in objective reality, but in his subjective experience he changed it to feel better about himself. Sort of like when people get into a car crash, and it's really their fault, but they convince themselves it's the other guys fault.
Haha, wow, you did not get that Red scene at all, if you think it was insinuating that Kinzo wanted to steal the gold.

The thing about the Theatergoing Authority that Will uses is that it doesn't allow the person being interviewed to lie. They can give subjective experiences they genuinely believe, like Maria's magical beliefs, but they can't deliberately lie.
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