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Originally Posted by einhorn303 View Post
1. Kinzo put a warning sign on the clock, just in case someone flipped the switch by accident. From this, the siblings knew about the bomb.

2. Kinzo told one of the servants (maybe Genji) to go to the chapel VIP room and wait there, just in case someone really did solve the riddle, and congratulate/explain things to them. From this, the siblings knew about the bomb.
Kinzo had no confidence in the idea that the family would solve the Epitaph. Bern claims that he was just humoring them.

3. Kyrie and Rudolf, so there wasn't any need to remove the evidence. They did have that cash card that wouldn't leave any traces back to them.
They got the cash card off of Eva while she was knocked out. They shot Hideyoshi prior to this, and if they shot all the kids, then it really becomes suspicious. It would have been Eva v.s. Kryie & Rudolf if the bomb hadn't gone...and, lets face it, Eva had more of a chance.

4. Kyrie and Rudolf were intrigued by the strange and ominous switch in the grandfather clock. Following the wires sticking out of it, they found the stockpile of explosives and were able to figure out that it was an activation switch. If they know a lot about guns, it's not too huge of a stretch to imagine they also know about explosives. From this, they knew about the bomb.
I thought that the wires were hidden in the wall and led down to the explosives. But, that's not the point. They had a few minutes to find the explosives, and they didn't know if the bomb was even armed (since, well, it didn't blow up just yet.)

5. Kyrie and Rudolf weren't acting rationally. They just snapped for some reason.
'Triggers' are all over the place in each game. They only happen once, and are randomly generated. But it only effected one person.

The only thing I could buy is that the bomb wasn't armed at all, and #4 occurred. It still wouldn't make much sense because the murders of the adults would have had to occurred by then. Even moreso, how would they know when it exploded?
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