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Originally Posted by tenami View Post
Well I'm not sure if it's allowed to post it here but since it's a fan creation anime related I wonder how you all like mine old dbz amv from bardock.

Just listen to the catchy lyric and the video itself that I have composted it together.

It was mine second ever created music video.
Mine third 1 is a kamen rider mv and located in mine channel.

I hope for some feedback on it.

Edit; Typo error on topic title but can't change it to 1.
I would say this is a good video in terms of it being your second video.

There were some scenes that would have went better at some parts of the song. (Where the 2nd-other times it went and said "Theres too many men" you could have used the scene where Freeza was sending all those goons against Bardock) most of the scenes a little off-timely. I'm not sure if you were attempting to lip-sync the characters with the song, but there were some occasions if that was the case. Were you using Windows Movie Maker for this?
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