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Well here is a small list of animes that I enjoyed and found entertaining:
1) Mai HiME - if you have ever seen Fate/Stay Night and liked it, this eries would be a good choice since they are kind of similar. Involve girls with super powers.
2) Ghost Hunt - great detective series with ghosts, kept me entertained until the end. Series have sveral cases/small arcs. Each about 2-4 episodes long. My favorite arcs are second and the one before last.
3) Ga-Rei Zero - action packed series with some drama, 1st episode got a positive WTF from me.
4) Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - that's a must even though it is based in realistic setting. Series are about assasins who got brainwashed before becoming one. Series are about their current and past life. Have 2 small time skips. Characters are great too.
5) Shiki - despite knowing who is the culprit behind all the deaths in the village, series still drow you in and make you wonder "so what's next? What are you guys going to do? How will you come to the solution?", also involves some moral issues.
6) GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) - great series about an aweasome (perverted) teacher who helps teenagers to get over their problems in a very unique way. Also real life.
7) Baccano! - best series about simple train robbery which was turned into something aweasome. 1st episode looks meh but then it starts to get better.
8) Claymore - found series very entertaining, with lots of action and some unique characters.
9) Fairy Tail - despite being normal shounen series like Naruto, Bleach and etc, something keeps me entertained in them.
10) Monster - real life setting but good detective series with some unique characters and story. Finished series 2 days ago myself, each episode tends to have cliffhanger.
11) Madoka Magica - cutely series were turned into dark themed series with tragedy and death.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
are nice comedy series.
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