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HSI 19 - Princess + Maid = ?

I've always believed that unless it's in an alternate universe, nothing is really filler. Characters, ideally, are always growing. Not necessarily forward, but upward or inward. Many plot threads from previous episodes came back to help enhance this one - Nako seemed more self-confident, Yuina's attitude towards work had changed a little bit (sure a festival may not be "work", but it is work), the outfits from the past, and so on and so forth. World building is one of the most important aspects of fiction, and without it, this episode would've lacked the nuance it did.

That said, this looks to be Minko's time in the spotlight. Her use as a foil to Ohana has always been clear, but now it's clearer than ever. She seems so logical in her approach towards her work that there appears to be a dry kind of passion. Not the kind that Jiromaru would write about at least. (Being able to compare Jiromaru and Taketo, now that there's a second ero writer on the field, is an interesting exercise.)

I rarely comment on Ko-related happenings, but Ohana's fantasy of him in a maid outfit was interesting. And Beanman has a son. I expect Son of Beanman (or maybe Grandson of Beanman, if he also exists) to be as cool as the original.

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