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Finally, Ko makes his GLORIOUS return... kind of . Is there a single male in this anime that won't be ridiculed at least once? Tohru is the last bastion of masculinity in this show. Don't disappoint me, bro!

There were interesting bits of info distilled here and there in this episode, the most shocking being the revelation that Beanman's got a son. I guess that means we were wrong about him being gay (although it's not impossible he "awakened" after getting married once; happened to someone I knew). Enishi is apparently finally going out with Takako, so we can kiss goodbye to another theory - I'm talking about Enishi x Tomoe. I'm actually relieved as I wouldn't have wanted the awesome Tomoe to end up with such a pathetic man.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable episode. It was the first time in a while the plot seemed to be making progress. Ohana, Yuina (gosh, she is so vain ) and Nako were all very funny in this one. I'm pretty intrigued by the new character (the painter), but I doubt she'll have much relevance, sadly.

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To be honest I think both Minchi and the girl were a little overboard here. The cultural festival is supposed to be all about fun and I think Minchi takes it too seriously. But I think the girl was being a little bit selfish as well. And it looks like neither was willing to compromise so...
I can understand why that other girl was so frustrated. She got talked down by Minko, the one who "stole" the boy she's loved for years in her eyes. That had to be tough to swallow. Minko was in the wrong this time in my opinion. Why is it that she's so fired up about cooking for the festival? Is it because cooking is always srs business for her? No, that's because she knows Tohru will be coming to see her. She wants to impress him with her cooking, and is essentially intending to do exactly what that other girl wanted to. Her speech was very hypocritical, and I think she realized it after the fact. That's why she'll most likely decide to cook omerice next week.
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