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So in the last quarter of the series, and they send out... Minichi. What? In this clutch moment, you send her of all people out?

Well, Minichi has grown a bit during the series, upgrading from completely insufferable to Hiromi-lite, complete with the excessive apologies, detached personality and timely insults. Of course, Minko has much to learn from her predecessor, and that's style and grace. But hey, can this episode truly bring out the hater in her?

Sadly no. The whole argument about omelet rice or w/e just made me laugh. And sadly, they could not overcome the main problem with this character, and that is that anything serious involving her becomes unintentionally hilarious. There just seems to be many missed opportunity here.

On the other hand, Minko's rage shows us a little bit of her own frustration and hopefully she will learn from her weakness. She doesn't have a penis in this series, so she has a chance next episode.

Also, why the fuck is Yuina so annoying? It's like as if she's mad the camera's off her.

Also Einshi and Jinomaru showed up to fail again; Tomoe decides she's had enough of this shit, if that's all the screen time she gets.

Well, I did laugh at Ohana's weird fantasy, man I'm not even sure if that fantasy is even hers, rather it's the writers.

Overall, this episode had god awful pacing (VERY SLOW at parts) but at least it had funny points and opens up a chance for Minko to finally redeem herself once and for all.

I'll be nice and say 6/10
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