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Originally Posted by KLGChaos View Post
Utsumi did everything right this chapter. I'm telling you, he's WAY too good for Yuki. Her entire "Making him hate her is what's best for Seiji" speech to Eri just made me want to ring her neck. She knows NOTHING of what's best for him. Only he does and she's just forcing herself to believe that so she can selfishly avoid her own pain.

So glad to see him show that he's more grown up than she is... by a long shot.

Now bring on the other love interests!
I agree with everything you said; Utsumi is much too good for Yuki. This was a beautiful moment for him as a character, and I admit it brought a lump to my throat. He demonstrated with one gesture what unconditional love looks like.

I'm sorry to say, but I'm pretty much "over" Yuki as the female lead. Whenever you think she has made one tiny step forward, she takes five giant steps back. And if the spoilers for next chapter are correct,

Sadly, I have a feeling I know what will happen next; Utsumi will start to date someone else, Yuki will become jealous, but she will never admit it so instead acts suddenly cold and/or sad, which makes everyone worry and chase after her to find out what's wrong, yet again. I hope I'm wrong, and she doesn't fall into this passive-aggressive pattern of hers, but I think that's where this is going. Unless Yuki takes the initiative to get Utsumi back, she doesn't deserve him.
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