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@eratas: And I'm saying that it wouldn't count because fighting in an IS and outside of your IS are two different things. You hit each other, you shoot at each other, you slash at each other however IS brings the battle to a new level by adding shielding, higher speeds that humans normally can't comprehend, a higher level of awareness... etc.
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They have military people doing IS training yes, but none of them have been in live combat yet. Alaska treaty forbids use of IS in conflict, it was shortly after White Knight incident so I can't imagine a month long war between countries using IS. At best, Natasha and Laura have been to a firing range, simulators, and mock battles that are barely different from ISA.
Indeed there's not much choice, and you know, before I.S., human exist, so did warfare. Human can get caught once with I.S. the second time they will not. I.S. no longer God of war like the past, currently speaking, I.S. is nifty one of a kind toy of military (like B-2 bomber for example).

It could not stand the force and tactic of improved military codex AND hardware alone (as result of I.S. development mind you). While they have separate category, a weapon is a weapon, and in military, no weapon act truly independent (Artillery need spotter and reckon force, bombers need AWACS etc).

Even if the pilot of I.S. has no real experience, the rest of force will back her up.
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