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@ Eratas: One could easily just smash it. It's rather fragile, it could be easily broken with a single shot of a very weak pistol. It's protected by the other shell inside the IS.

To tamper with it would be the same as destroying it. To mess around with the material inside would be to affect the way the BT energy rubs against it. It would either cause more BT energy to be created by the core, or less BT energy to be created. At worst, the BT energy would be come hazardous, volatile.

This is why the psuedo-cores, while more powerful, had more hazardous effects to the IS. Occasionally, they would explode, or the BT energy was so strong it began to affect the pilot like radiation would. The psuedo-cores also had a very limited lifespan, about 3 months before the core would either die out or explode.

Also, a tiny crack in the IS core would allow the energy to leak out of it, rendering the core useless.

To store data within the core, electricity slightly alters the energy coming out of it. It forms a code that imprints on the core's small database. The database adjusts the material ever so slightly to create a different frequency of BT energy, a code of sorts, which feeds into the IS and programs it with the information and data it needs about it's own pilots. Training IS cores don't have this feature.

That's about how I see it at least.
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