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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
Those were my first thoughts when reading the initial articles after hearing the news on the BBC World Service. I kept thinking, hang on, I must have missed something. Then, after re-reading the articles, I realised it wasn't me — there really were no explanations for the death of the nurse.
Nearly every story this morning calls it a suicide.

In this story it is suggested the DJs behavior might constitute a breach of the Commercial Radio Code of Conduct which the article incorrectly categorizes as a "law." As a set of private guidelines, I doubt there is an legal enforcement mechanism.

Matthew Keys [of Reuters] pointed out that the prank might have broken a section of Australia's radio codes of practice that prohibits shows that treat "participants in live hosted entertainment programs in a highly demeaning or highly exploitative manner."
I'm sure the fanaticism of the Royals' followers accounts for much of the intensity of the reaction to this prank. Also Kate has quickly become a beloved figure around the world. After the uproar over the naked sunbathing pictures her admirers probably have little patience for the media and paparazzi. The DJs may be bearing the brunt of these feelings.
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