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Originally Posted by Fizix View Post
why do ... some editors ... screw... the character set... ?
Presumably because they handle content differently. There are three editor modes (simple text, simple text with some extra script controlled buttons, and a nearly functional WYSIWYG editor) and five post methods (new thread, new reply, quick reply, edit post and the in-line edit). That is at least 15 combinations. There could be subtle differences between how each interacts with some given content. In addition there is the added complication of BB code handling; depending on which codes are used content might go through different filters and such like.
Originally Posted by Fizix View Post
Also, can't vbulletin convert character sets as a background task? That wouldn't hog your bandwidth out, it would add some load while it did it, but not bandwidth.
Bandwidth in the "capacity to transfer data" sense isn't what I meant. By bandwidth I mean the human "energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation" sense. i.e. the staff haven't found the time. If all it took was a background conversion from one type to another it wouldn't be too hard, but in reality the problem isn't the mechanics of the conversion itself.

The problem is knowing which conversion to apply and making sure the process doesn't lose information. The database isn't massive compared to what I deal with in my day job (only about 10 GB) but making sure a given post's current uncontrolled encoding fits into another given controlled encoding is non-trivial. It requires investigation, trial conversion, etc. all of which must to be done off-line first. Basically it isn't a quick or push-button job.
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