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Err... I am working on a Karma Houdini character....

Current list of stuff:
>Arrogant jerkass (but has skills, training and physique to back himself up)
> Believed himself to the hero of a story..... hence the arrogant attitude.
> Everything that he had (girls, ability to pilot IS) is his right as a hero.
> Use story metaphor.... (surprising things are "Plot twist".)
> Look down on girls because he is special compared to them. (Male IS pilots are rare compared to female IS pilot)
>That kind of smug guy that all guys feel like punching him repeatedly in the face.... followed by steamrollering his corpse to ensure he is dead-er than dead
-But can't because his family could sue them and
-Most people can't even land a hit on him anyway
>Get away with a few things because he is one of the few Male IS pilot.
>Take advantage of emotionally weak girls.
>Then dump them once he grew tired of them.

Not Evil enough? Or should I make him worst? I think the 2nd last part is quite bad enough.... Because I really feel like punching him after reviewing his personality....

Not going to go into detail with his IS though... but The IS unit has specialized anti-Yukihira weapon: Sword-Breaker.....
In fact, the whole unit exist solely for the purpose of defeating Byakushiki (To be exact: the sister unit of Byakushiki, the one which Chifuyu piloted)

Does it make Ichika some kind of hypocrite to call him a bastard who play with the girls' heart?

Ara Han
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