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I believe that the fox guy is in fact the colorless king. He said so himself when he shot Totsuka in Shiro's body. Kuro was sent by Ichigen to kill the colorless if he turned out to be evil. He probably foresaw that Kuro would find Shiro when he wasn't possessed by the colorless, which is why he added the clause "if you deem him evil." That way Kuro would help Shiro.

Judging by the flashbacks in the last scenes, colorless must have possessed Shiro and shot Totsuka. Then he somehow got to Silver and took his body, moving Silver into Shiro's body and throwing him off the blimp down to the school. Silver had the immortal property, which explains why he didn't die falling from such a height.
yep good point, i get a flash now about what happen on the start:

before possess shiro fox king contacted weissman with a promisse to give him a new life(the body swap), like him told who weissman was enjoying his new life and bla bla bla, but was a lie then he take shiro body and killed totsuka to make sure if shiro survive his first attempt of killing the red king gona kill him, i believe who the fox believed who if he switch body with weissman he gona gain his "immortalilty power" but proved being i think he need possess both body and soul, then tried to kill him throw him from the blimp but due to weissman immortalilty shiro not die in fall but due to "shiro body" still allive weissman become asleep inside until now and the colorless was jumping body from body trying to possess a king to become more strong, like he tried to possess suo, and i believe he tried to with munakata and failed and now again tried with shiro but due to neko intervention again he failed again but now due to the injurie weissman awake and i think in the end he gona be able to "fix suo sword" and maybe us get a happy end with everyone alive and kuro finally fufil his promisse to kill the "evil colorless king" with the sword of god killer

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