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Originally Posted by Sammy388 View Post
Thank you for posting this. I can't believe this has been ignored by so many media outlets. It's a tragedy and the average person goes about not knowing what happening (when they should). It's nice to see there are still people out there who are compassionate and care when something as heart breaking as this happens.
We are not ignoring it, it's just that since there is nothing anyone can do to improve things, we are staying out of it until either 1. The government wins or 2. The rebels have a unified leader AND they win.

Bad things happen everyday. Like in North Korea. But if we can't do anything about it to make it better, it isn't very productive to just watch the death count adding up.

International intervention would only happen if Syrians can offer a roadmap to peace. Until a path is shown to us, us foreigners can't really help in any way.
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