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the mines are small in size and signature, they can be built to provide stealth and... um... stealth... hard to target til you get close, and if you are clear enough they just rocket towards you and detonate their (perferably nuclear) payload, if you ahve them in a stationary minefield the enemy would only know the location of them at best, if you deploy them before a battle it might make for a nasty surprise...

of course sending random junk their way might work, unless they are spread out far apart and only home in or signatures of large ships (we arn't talking about passive mines here, then you really need ALOT, these mines need to have a single burn booster which go towards the target's predicted position)

alternatively you can have shotgun type weapons or large area effect weapons to blow your way through...

if you hide them in asteroids sooner or later the enemy will just start blowing up every asteroid that cross their path.. heh
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