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Originally Posted by Diaboso
You know I have sean some anime that they use bullets in space. I was wondering how well would a bullet travel in space (no gravity, no wind resistance.) and would super armored space hulks even be scatched by bulets...

another thing is how well would robots work in space. I mean astronaus have a time floting around trying to grab stuff and you dont realy need legs and the idea of fighter bays letting out ships and bots to the vacume of space from in your ship is just unrealalistic.

I also think the best way to defeat an enemy ship is to send bording partys to take it for your own.
@the bullet travel thing:
low gravity and no wind resistance means bullets travel nice and straight in space and won't slow down at all
Armor can be pierced if your bullet has enough energy and is designed for it, a modern sniper rifle is fully capable of piercing a tank, there's nothing stopping you from loading armor piercing bullets into a machine gun, as long as it can handle the shock and weight of the bullets

if you are talking about robots in gundam, they DON'T work. The space battles in most (not all) gundam series are hideously unrealistic. the fact that most space robots you see have legs is either because the artist cant' think outside the box or that they are actually convertable for land use.

@fighter bays:
for huge fighter bays they always give the excuse of some force field keeping the air in.... we cant' do that currently or in the forseeable future.... the closest thing we have to a forcefield is to use belts to generate a large electrostatic field that'd trap particels in it...

to be a tad more realistic fighters should be stored in small individual bays w/ airlocks, that way can be depressurized without pumping out a football field of gas. (i'm thinking those fighter launch tubes in battlestar galactica)

@boarding parties:
That's actually the first tactic the romans did when they didn't have adequate weaponry to sink a ship, but if you have a fat cannon that can launch nukes and enough information to get it pretty close to the enemy, then there's no reason to endanger marines for capturing.
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